rent a car







Requirements to lessee


23-years-old at least. Length of driving service – 2 yaers at least.


The lessee must to display valid driving licence and personal identity card. The rented car can be driven by previously approved and authorized throught the contract drivers only. More than one driver must be notifited no later then the moment of the renting of the car.




Hairing the driver costs 20 euros per day /Sofia only/ or 20 euros per day + car rental.


Rent costs


All costs are in euros.


A day’s rent means 24 houres by the moment of renting. Delay of the returning of the car from 1 to 3 houres is paid as half-day rent and delay of more than 3 houres is paid as a full-day rent.

For weekends there is a special rent cost which started from 16.00 in Friday and ended in 10.00 in Monday.

Month’s rent means 30 days.

Minimum time for renting a car is 24 houres.


Rent cost includes:

- No limits in the distance in kilometers.

- Consumables and support.

- Third party liability insurance.

- Motor own damage insurance.


Motor own damage insurance includes the responsibility of the lessee with the following exeptions:


- Tyres-damage which is not a result of a blaze or a car accident.

- The driver is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or medicines.

- There is not police report for the damage by the time of the returning of the car.




For using rented car in Bulgaria you must leave deposit from 150 euros to 500 euros in dependence of the class of the car. For using rented car outside Bulgaria you must leave deposit from 500 euros to 1 000 euros in dependence of the class of the car.



Terms of payment


We accept the following credit cards: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, BORIKA, TRANSCARD, EVROLINE, DINERSCLUB. If you prefer cash payment you can do this in foreign currency or the equivalence in Bulgarian leva.

The deposit and the full rent cost must be prepaid.


Delivery and collecting of a car


1. The delivery and/or collecting a car to/from address in Sofia – free of charge.

2. Renting or returning a car on Sofia Airport – free of charge.

3. Other places than named above – 0.30 euro per kilometer. If the delivery or collecting of a car is one-way only the tax can be negotiated.





Rent cost do not includs the fuel. The car is rented wtih full petrol tank and must be returned with full petrol tank. If the car is returned with not full petrol tank the lessee must pay the missing fuel by cost of 1.50 euros per liter.



Renting a car for using in foreing country


If a car is rented for using outside Bulgaria the lessee must inform “Expresssautorent” in advance. In this case the lessee must pay the full cost for “green card”.


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